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 io/ Gateway.js
 io/ RemoteObject.js
 search/ BinarySearch.js
 sort/ QuickSort.js
 ui/ Dock.js
 ui/ EventManager.js
 ui/ EyeCandy.js
 ui/ Mouse.js
 util/ BrowserSniffer.js
 util/ Collections.js
 util/ Console.js
 util/ Cookie.js
 util/ Log.js
 util/ Output.js
 util/ Properties.js
 util/ Recorder.js
 xml/ XmlDocument.js
 xml/ XmlSax.js
 xml/ XmlW3CDom.js
This library gives the ability to directly communicate with a server using the XMLHTTPRequest object in a non-browser specific way.
This library is used to unmarshal a soap xml document into javascript objects at present it has only been used with coldfusion mx web serivces - though it should work with all type of services
2004 Rob Rohan (
2004 Rob Rohan (
Mac-esque Dock by Joshua Olson and Kristof Neirynck k.neirynck at tweaked for Neuromancer.
This library attempts to abstract events so that many controls can use, say, mouse down for example, instead of taking total control of the event The main point of this library is to delegate events to controls that care.
Transition and fading library.
This library creates an object that can be used to track the current mouse position.
Basic browser sniffer
General collection objects modeled after java.util.
This is libraries for an interactive console tied to a div.
Simple functions to get and set cookie information
Creates a simple logger to help debug javascript.
Output text functions used by the console and the log
2006 Rob Rohan ( All rights reserved
This library is used to track client movements and form fill ins.
This library provides the ability to create an XML DOM document cross browser.
an XML SAX parser in JavaScript.