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Base object for the collections objects List and Set
Console constructor
The default handler.
raised when an operation is impossible to perform
provides a number of methods for performing operations that are independent of any particular instance of the document object model.
HTMLobj Constructor
This creates a HTTPConnection factory that can produce http connetion object that are IE and Mozilla capable they can be used to GET and POST to a server It is oftend used in one go like: http = new HTTPConnectFactory().getInstance();
This object handles sending.
A list of elements.
Constructor for the logging window (or other std output if implemented)
Simple Map object with a lame seaching algorithm.
mostly used internally.
Factory to create a remoting object in a non-browser specific way (mostly)
an object that basically wraps an XMLP instance, and provides an event-based interface for parsing.
a useful object containing string manipulation functions This is the constructor of the SAXStrings object
Set keeps a unique list of elements and wont allow nulls or undefined values.
A simple stack class, used for verifying document structure.
object to tell what kind of browser is hitting the site
Constructor for SystemMouse this holds the current mouse position on the screen in X and Y
This can be used to create new xml documents in a somewhat cross browser compatable way.